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What exactly is ‍‍‍microblading? 

Microblading is a Semi-Permanent Method of Tattooing 
It is often referred to as eyebrow embroidery and micro-stroking.  Feather like strokes are drawn onto the brows with a hand tool instead of machine.  The pigments are deposited into the upper layer of the dermis, making it shall‍‍‍ower than traditional permanent makeup technique.  The results are more natural looking, hair like strokes that complement the existing hair. This method is ideal for those who are looking to change up their eyebrow shape, make their brows fuller or for those who are suffering from hair loss conditions such as alopecia.  But, there are contraindications:  skin disease, epilepsy, heart disease, severe eczema, someone who scars easily, pregnant and breast feeding.

What to Expect During the Consultation
It is important to do your homework and find an Artist who fits your style.  Microblading is a work of art which requires precision and lots of practice.   While there are many Artists out there‍‍‍, it is wise to select a certified Artist with professional references and samples of their work.   We utilize consultations as an opportunity to answer questions.   The consultation takes 30 minutes, during this time we will discuss color and brow style. A photo is taken as reference for the future procedure.  For safety purposes, we wiill also conduct a patch test.

How to Prepare for the Procedure
 "I ask my clients to stop taking blood thinners, painkillers,aspirins,vitamin e and fish oil supplements 5-7 days befor‍‍‍e the procedure.  Also, if they were to wax, thread or tint their brows; they should do it 10-14 days before they come in, “says EliasWu. Those on Accutane or other strong retinoids should wait after 6 months.  

The Procedure
Timing for the procedure varies, depending on the Artist, client and condition.  But typically it could last up to 2-3 hours.  A topical numbing agent is used to reduce any discomfort.  The disco‍‍‍mfort level depends on your threshold and pain tolerance.

Post Treatment
The healing process, typically takes between 7-14 days.  During this time, it is important to remember to let it dry natural‍‍‍ly and not to wet the brows for at least a week.  Avoid swimming pools, saunas and intense workout.  It is especially important to stay out of the sun until the skin heals.  

What is the Investment?
The initial investment could cost $450 to $900, depending on the experie‍‍‍nce of the Artist.  Follow up visits are recommended after 30-60 days for color refresher and 8 months to a year to maintain the shape of the brows.  




A Non- refundable $100 booking fee is required to hold an appointment date.

You are NOT a good candidate for Microblading if you have/ are on/ are:

Chronic Acne, Rosacea, Sun Burn, Sensitive skin, Keloid skin, Previous dark permanent make up, Skin complications such as eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, dermatitis, on Accutane/ Retin A/ Isotretinoin, Autoimmune conditions such as Lupus or Frontal Fibrosing Alopeica, Pregnant, Nursing, and Hemophilia

Prior to Booking

48 hours prior: No alcohol and no caffeine (tea, coffee, energy drinks, supplements, etc) on the day of.

5-7 days prior: No aspirinNo pain killers, No blood thinners, No niacin supplements, No vitamin E supplements, No Fish oil supplements (please check supplements), No Microdermabrasion, AHA/BHA, stop Retinol  or any products with Retin A/ Tretinoin, etc

1-2 weeks ‍‍‍prior: No waxing, threading or tweezingNo tinting (2weeks prior)

2-4 weeks prior or 2-3 weeks after procedure: No Botox or any injectables

5 months:  No Accutane

If you get cold sores or herpes outbreaks, please get a prescription for antiviral medication from physician as soon as possible.

Microb‍‍‍lading and Shading


Powder Ombre Brows/ Shading‍‍‍


After Procedure Care Instructions ‍‍‍

Please keep the brows as clean as possible throughout the entire healing process.

Day 1 and Day 2: Clean brows with distilled/sterile water 2-3x a day. Wipe with sterile gauze.

Day 3 -10:Start using ointment (right before bed), and for the remaining days. Using a Q-tip take a tiny amount of Aquaphor and apply very thin layer on eyebrows. Keep

Keep eyebrows dry throughout the healing process. Please avoid: working out for 7 days, sweating, direct sun exposure, wet heat, steaming (sauna, facials, etc) for 10-14 days post procedure. Try not to sleep on your face. Avoid using any kinds of exfoliants around and on the treated area helps keep the pigment stay on longer. Please do not pick at scabs.

If infection occurs, please contact me and your physician asap.